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Dental Chair Upholstery in Singapore

If you run a dentist office that sees hundreds if not thousands of patients in the year it’s important to note that eventually the upholstery in your dental service chairs will begin to wear out. Most dentist offices also has standards for hygiene and cleanliness and it does eventually reach a point where upholstery needs to be completely replaced in order to meet these standards.

For affordable upholstery services for dental and service chairs our team is able to perform only quality patchwork repairs but full upholstery services on any type of medical equipment or chairs. We can source of vinyl, leather and a variety of other medical grade upholstery materials to provide immediate repairs and replacement so that you can get back to business. It can be extremely difficult to face downtime in the medical profession and with our fast upholstery services we can work around your schedule and get the job done right.

The materials that we use for repair and upholstery services are made to last. This means that they can stand up to constant sanitation, wear and tear as well as seeing hundreds of patients in a given year. We source the materials directly from medical suppliers and the highest quality upholstery material providers. This ensures that we can get some of the original materials that were made to use the chair as well as restore your medical dental equipment to its original condition or better. You can engage our services with confidence knowing full well that your chair and your office can continue functioning as normal with the tools and comfort that you deserve to work in.

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