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Upholstery in Singapore

If your sofa is looking a little rough around the edges and you do not have the budget to get a new one the next best thing is to repair the upholstery.  An upholstery service is a great way to repair your home furniture and have it looking like new.  The best thing about upholstery repair services is that your furniture will look like new without the cost that goes into purchasing new furniture.

There are many great services offered by our Upholstery partners and often times you do not have to repair what is not damaged.  So if your sofa has a small tear or a stain you can easily have it cleaned and repaired only where it is needed.  This is fantastic way get your furniture looking fresh and new without having to completely reupholster the entire piece of furniture.  Another fantastic thing about upholstery service is that you can get a custom reupholstery job on your furniture if you so desire.  You can completely revamp the look of your house by having your furniture reupholstered to look like you just purchased brand new furniture.

Reupholstering your furniture is a very cost effective way to give your entire home a facelift.  It is surprising how changing the upholstery of your furniture can change how your entire home looks and feels.  This also goes when you have your furniture cleaned and repaired it can really make your home feel fresh and new.  Our leading Sofa Upholstery Singapore companies will have plenty of fabrics and leathers for you to choose from as well as various options when it comes to having your furniture cleaned and repaired.

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