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Antique Furniture Restoration


Antique furniture restoration is really no different conceptually from restoring priceless paintings or sculptures. Truly great examples of furniture can stand with the Mona Lisa and others. To that end, whether you are talking about a table, a chair, or any other antique piece, it is important to find a restoration company that values your piece as much as you do.

Restoring these items can be challenging, particularly in terms of ensuring the item retains its antique status and value. Objects that are changed by more than fifty percent will lose their antique status. The fact that many of these objects used wood that is scarcely available, or not available at all, in the present day can complicate restoration work even further. Undoing the damage to something like upholstery must have an eye towards preservation in the repair work, in addition to the work involved with returning the piece to a visually pleasing form. Regardless of the object, antique restoration projects require a careful hand, access to the best tools and material, and a considerable degree of experience.

Antique Furniture Repair
Making dramatic changes to your piece would be like changing some of the figures featured along the Sistine Chapel. There are times when change is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you should be forced to give up your antique chair, table, or other object. If your piece features scrolls or inlays, special care can be taken to find vintage materials that will be appropriate for your needs. With maintenance and refinishing, the challenge will always be to give your piece the respect and singular attention it deserves and requires.

The best examples of furniture can last for generations, if you know where to go for proper repair or maintenance work. Even if your needs involve making the tiniest of repairs, it is important to approach the work involved carefully. You can add years to the lifespan of your items. In many cases, it is possible to keep these things looking as gorgeous as they did when created, without having to change the antique status of the piece itself.

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