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Bed Headboard Upholstered


If you are looking for a unique look for your headboard you should strongly consider upholstery services with headboard leather or vinyl. If you want to get the unique button tufted look or cover your headboard with a more natural look with fur or animal skin we are here to help.

Our team has produced some of the most unique headboard designs in the industry with a full selection of fabrics, leather and animal fur available. You can truly create a unique look as well as produce a headboard that’s extremely comfortable for sitting up or relaxing in bed. These headboards are not only comfortable for sleeping but they can help completely change the look of your room. Old style headboards with worn-out leather or vinyl can look tattered and decrease the aesthetic appeal for your room. With the help of our reupholstery services we can completely restore the look of your headboard or create a new and unique design that can shape the look of your room. We can match antique styles with full stain and restoration services as well as fabrics that will match your existing décor.

Our reupholstery service experts can also source fasteners and rivets that will completely complement the button –tufted look. Any of the faster that we use in the stain that we include alongside your fabrics will match and complement each other perfectly. You can select any of the touches on your headboard to ensure that each aspect of the new headboard design suits your needs and the style you like.

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