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Chair Reupholstery Singapore

To ensure your good old chair is furnished with quality and modern fabrics, you should consider using professional reupholstery service. Your furniture will always look fashionable once an upholstery expert has removed the old, unwanted covering. With new upholstery on your favorite chair you can unlock new value and enjoyment. This brings some new and improved life to the furniture. Reupholstery helps to upgrade your old furniture so as to complement and blend with the new look of your room.

Depending on the type of the chair in question, there are a number of reliable upholstery methods utilized by our skilled reupholstery experts. The basic steps include:

  • Remove the tacks and all the fasteners first.  Use a chisel or such to gently lever the tack upwards. This is to be done repeatedly until the tack is off the wood.
  • Staples that are used to hold the upholstery in place could be heavy-duty. We remove them carefully to maintain your furniture.
  • Carefully lift the fabric off the chair. This is on the arms, back and seat. The old fabric should easily come out since the fasteners are removed. We then painstakingly add new panels to the furniture until it is fitted.
  • Replace or save the stuffing. We often restuff furniture items but can on occasion utilize the old stuffing. We will replace it if need be. Our skilled upholsters remove the stuffing and secure it in place.
  • Repair the chair frame. The base may require weaving, fixing or webbing. We will ensure the structural integrity of your furniture.
  • The chair Reupholstery project is now ready for a new upholstery fabric. We will use the older fabric panels to make a new ones. We can match the right fabric type, measure it, unpick the panels, iron the panels to ensure they are flat and saw the cut fabric to place it right.

After we ensure the new fabric is well in place by fastening it on the wood your chair Reupholstery project is complete! Contact us to Request for BEST QUOTE for professional Chair Reupholstery service