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Consideration for cheap upholstery service


Upholstered furniture items add excellent value to your interior. Upholstered furniture can come as contemporary or antique items. Regardless of that, those who intend to maintain the best appearance of their upholstered furniture require the assistance of a professional hand. Upholstered furniture delivers great deal of comfort in addition to the aesthetic values they offer. Handling fabrics and other materials such as leather is a sensitive task. That means, a random person cannot handle upholstery of furniture as a DIY task. So, it is compulsory for you to seek the assistance of a professional upholstery service. That said, there are some important aspects you should consider when hiring a best quality upholstery service.

Ask around
One of the best ways to find a good upholstery service is asking around. You can simply talk to your friends, colleagues and neighbors to learn about good upholstery service companies they had come across lately. You should also perform a Google search with a more specified keyword like best upholstery service in Singapore. Then, you should prepare a list of vendors with contact numbers.

You should also be smart enough to visit their official websites and social media accounts to read what others say about them. You can consider customer reviews as a very strong indication of the quality of the work.

Ask for quotations
After identifying several potential service providers, you can start collecting quotations. This is the most important part when it comes to compare the prices. The prices might vary depending on the type of the work. For instance, they will consider whether the job involves leather work, reupholstery, quality of the fabric, the size of the sofa, the complexity of the repair work etc. Then, you will have the opportunity to compare the prices and decide with which vendor to go.

See their previous work
You can simply ask for a portfolio of projects they have handled so far. A good vendor will be more than happy to show their work to convince you.

Do they cater to your needs?
Just observe if they are willing to cater to your requirements. They should listen to you well and be flexible enough to cater the needs precisely. Also, they should be willing to customize their pricing options based on your project.

Besides, check if the respective vendor offers a guarantee to the work they undertake.

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