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Contract Furniture Singapore


Most people are not familiar with contract furniture. In fact they are not aware that many places they visit are furnished with this kind of furniture. In the hospitality industry as well as in office contract furniture such as chairs and tables are used. Many of the things people use and even sit on in hotels and lounges are mostly custom made contract furniture.

So what is contract furniture?

Even though office furniture is contract furniture, the term is much broader than it might seem to be. A simple definition of contract furniture might be said that it is furniture meant for commercial use rather than residential use hence they are manufactured in such a design meant to meet the standard of the industry intended for. The furniture are subjected to certification processes and stringent testing before being sold specifically by territorial dealerships.


Examples of contract furniture might be those supplied to hospitals, schools, companies, or government. The difference between retail furniture and contract furniture can be confusing as they both tend to do the same thing and even have the same characteristics. You’ll either sacrifice comfort, selection or style when deciding whether to buy contract or retail furniture. However the difference comes when it comes to prices and warranty. Contract furniture is sold in wholesale prices and have hard use custom options and warranties compared to retail furniture. Moreover, contract furniture is the expertise of a certified furniture dealer. If you purchase a file cabinet form a contract dealer, one is rest assured that it will match and fit your desk. Hiring contract furniture dealers to handle your interior designing projects you are guaranteed to achieve success.

Benefits of Contract Furniture

Since the services and products will be provided by a certified dealer, you will be offered informed and tailored experience and product knowledge. Contract furniture designs also prioritize durability as a result they can withstand rigors of usage hence they are the best alternative furniture for high traffic areas.

In conclusion, contract furniture is without doubt the better product and the economies of scale make them affordable. Purchasing them from a certified contract dealer will bring you assurance and confidence that you’re going to get the right solution.

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