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Dining Chair Upholstery


For dining chairs to look stylistic and feel comfortable, upholstering them well with the right types of fabric is essential. Upholstering of dining chairs refers to attaching the chair’s frame with padding, cushioning, and fabric. If you are looking to refurbish your old wooden chairs and refresh the design of your dining room, instead of buying brand new furniture, consider reupholstering your chairs with new materials.

So what does dining chair upholstery involve?


How dining chair upholstery is done


Upholstering dining chairs are generally be done in these three main steps:

Step #1: Removing old fabric

If the base of your chair is still in good condition, the old fabric will be removed using a pair of pliers to pry open the old staples. Alternatively, it may sometimes be easier to use a utility knife to cut through the fabric and the foam.

Not to worry if the base is too worn out – a new base can be cut out using a half inch plywood. To get the dimensions, we can trace out the old base and cut the wood with a jigsaw.


Step #2: Cushioning the seat

Next, a cushion will be made using a high density foam board. After tracing the seat base on a foam board that is at least one inch thick, the foam will be cut out using a scissors or blade. It will then be glued on the plywood using an adhesive spray specially used for foam.


Step #3: Attaching the fabric

Lastly, your new fabric will be attached to the cushion using a staple gun. It is important to pull the fabric tightly while stapling to ensure that the end product is smooth and wrinkle-free. All that’s left afterwards is to replace and secure the cushion in the chair using screwdrivers, and you get a reupholstered dining chair!

To upholster a dining chair without lumps and wrinkles on the fabric requires a lot of practice, and it would be best to engage furniture upholstery services for a perfect makeover.


Fabrics to choose for dining chair upholstery

As we often eat and drink while sitting on our dining chairs, make sure that the material of your fabric is resistant to stains or is easy to wipe clean. For a furniture we frequently use for daily activities, its fabric should also be durable for it to withstand wear and tear.


Some of the most common fabrics for dining chairs are:


  • Cotton and polyester blend
    Cotton on its own is a rather strong fabric, but when mixed with polyester, it becomes even more durable and has high stain and water-resistance. For dining room chairs, an equal mix of cotton and polyester generally works best.


  • Velvet
    For a classic and elegant look, opt for velvet, often said to be the top choice for dining chairs upholstery fabrics. Often used in more formal settings, velvet fabrics date back to the old English era and are aesthetically pleasing for every home.


  • Chenille
    Similar to heavy velvet, Chenille is often used in heavy-use pieces such as dining chairs as it’s soft and durable, and hence is able to look new and clean for years.


  • Leather
    Leather is extremely durable and is a luxury option suitable for those looking for timeless furniture that can last for a long time.


  • Faux suede
    Faux suede, or synthetic leather, is also popular as it’s stain-resistant. Its material is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also nice to the touch.


  • Vinyl
    With a leather-like texture, vinyl is a great option for those who are looking for a luxurious look but with lower maintenance and cost. As a type of plastic, one of the best things about vinyl chairs is how spots or stains can be easily wiped clean.


Another tip to hide stains would be to choose fabric that are dark-coloured or have patterns. That way, any stains created would be much less obvious. If you prefer lighter colours, colours like beige and grey make it easier to hide dirt and dust. You might also want to choose colours and shades that match the colour scheme and design style of your dining room.

Do also take note of the colour fastness of the fabric – the ability of a fabric to resist colour change. Some fabrics, such as velvet, may fade when exposed to sunlight, so be careful of where you place your chairs.


Professional Dining Chair Upholstery

By upholstering our dining chairs, we can breathe new life into our home decor. Remember, it’s important to ensure that the fabric chosen is suitable and that the upholstery work is clean and secure for such heavy-use items. To help you with that, engage professionals to upholster your dining chairs.

Furniture upholstery is not only about attending repairs of old dining chairs. You can also spice up the looks and feel of your home by customizing the designs of your furniture. Make a change in your dining room for a brand new look. Instead of buying what is available at the store, you can decide what designs and colors you want on your furniture, even the material! You have the ultimate freedom to customize your dining chair upholstery job as you wish.

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