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Why Your Furniture Needs Professional Repair

Sometimes, furniture pieces are more than just meant for utilitarian purposes. They have great memories attached that make parting with them just too painful. Some pieces are actual family heirlooms, passed on from one generation to the next, with great value and pride. Therefore if your furniture develops cracks or becomes too faded, you need not sell it right away. An appointment with a professional furniture restorer is all that your piece might need to become functional all over again.

Furniture Restoration

While all pieces of furniture are subject to ageing and the assault of grime and dirt, antique furniture suffers the worst. You require a lot of time and efforts to reverse the loss of sheen and texture from your furniture, more for antique pieces made from non-native wood. This is why it is always appreciable to let professionals do the work. They hold knowledge about the exact kind of products, techniques and skills required to restore each furniture type. Here are basic steps of their modus operandi regarding furniture restoration:

  • Stripping away lackluster layers to reveal the non-chipped wood from beneath.
  • Smoothing the newly revealed layers.
  • Neutralizing the chemical used for smoothing.
  • Cleaning off the residues for an even level finish.
  • Restoring/revamping the final sheen and gloss.

Rosewood Furniture Repair

Rosewood is one of the toughest materials to deal with; considering how difficult it is for this kind of wood to acclimatize to conditions other than it is native to. Rosewood tends to develop cracks and chinks when it is brought to drier, cooler climate conditions. Its restoration is a lot of tough work. Seasoned veterans know that wood fillers should never be used for unadulterated rosewood. If at all you decide to personally take the matter in your hands, oil the wood with Danish Watco Walnut oil for about 2-3 months to slow down the cracking; and then take it to a professional restorer.

Furniture Repair, Restoration, Revamping and Refurbishment

Furniture utility comes equipped with different aspects: commercial, residential, industrial among others. The kind of repair services warranted by each would be naturally different as understood by a professional. Furthermore, fire and water can wreak such havoc that even individual efforts would simply not suffice. Hence it is always advisable to visit a professional lest you aggravate your furniture’s well being. Refurbishment services can be further categorized into:

  • Upholstery Services:
    If your furniture piece has a sturdy and intact frame, then reupholstering it would be more than enough to revamp its look. Upholstery services comprise of padding, re-stuffing, tufting, seam correction, button attachment etc to sofas, cushions, ottomans, chaises among others for according a brand new look. Needless to say, this area of expertise lies with professionals alone as no product or DIY tutorial available can replicate the skills gathered via years of experience.
  • Revarnish/Respray Services:
    Sometimes, wooden furniture pieces only need a new varnish application to look as good as new. These services also involve smoothing out the chipped or rugged surfaces of old furniture before the application of a varnish coat.

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