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Furniture Upholstery

Nothing is permanent and so is your furniture. No matter how luxurious or rustic they are, with time they lose their glow. The best and most cost effective way to extend the usability of your furniture for an extra couple of years is furniture upholstery.

Wear is unavoidable, but repair is possible

If you let your expensive sofas and other home furniture wear with time without attending any repair, they will simply become unusable before it is due time for a replacement. Wear of furniture is almost unnoticeable since it happens as a daily process. Timely repair of your furniture is the only solution to their constant wear. Fabric sofas and leather sofas have varying properties and thus, have to be taken to concern when attending repairs. If you do not want to damage your precious furniture during repair, we highly recommend seeking service of furniture upholstery professionals.

Your Furniture – The Way You Want It

Furniture upholstery is not only about attending repairs of worn out sofas. You can also spice up the looks and feel of your home by customizing the designs of your furniture.
Add a thematic beauty to your living room with custom designs and fresh scenting furniture. This is one major advantage of using furniture upholstery services over replacing your old furniture. Instead of buying what is available at the store, you can decide what designs and colors you want on your furniture, even the material!

Professional Furniture Upholstery 

Attending repairs of rustic and expensive furniture always has to be confided in the experts since it requires such skill and quality of workmanship to carefully repair the items without damaging their genuine presence.  We partner expert furniture upholstery services in Singapore to provide affordable rates. Our furniture partner experts are best at what they do and have years of experience in furniture upholstery.
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