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Different types of Headboards

Basically, there are three types of headboard: wall mounted, floor standing, fits to bed base. Choosing a headboard design should depend on aspects such as the size of the bed, size of the room, your personal style and other interior settings in the bedroom. With that said, let’s take a look at the characteristics of each of these headboards.

  • Fits to bed base
    The most common type of headboard design is the one that fits to bed base. These headboards are designed to be fitted into the back of the divan beds that are commonly available in general households. When you move the bed, the headboard comes with it. the headboard can come with holes if it is to be bolted to the base (the legs of the bed). However, some of the headboards can come with different methods to fix to the base (for instance, hook-on leg).
  • Wall mounted headboards (wallboard)
    Although the previous model can be pretty common in the regular households, wall mounted headboards (which are also known as wallboards) can be more appropriate. These headboards can be compatible pretty much with any bed design and they can add better aesthetic value to the bedroom setting. However, when it comes to the functionality, wall mounted headboards are less functional compared to traditional headboard (they don’t prevent your bed linen and pillows from falling off the bed).
  • Floor standing headboards (free standing)
    Floor standing headboard (also known as free standing headboard) are designed to be standing behind the bed. Usually, this type of the headboard easy to be fixed. These headboards can be fixed firmly to the legs of the divan beds using bolts so they don’t move away.

In addition to that, headboards can come in different types based on the materials used.

  • Metal headboards
    Metal headboards have become commonplace for modern bedrooms. They are made out using wrought iron, brass metal, stainless steel or even with brushed aluminum.
  • Leather headboards
    Leather headboards look more elegant and they are durable. These headboards are made using both faux leather and genuine leather. They are available in wide range of colors.
  • Upholstered headboards
    These are the best headboards if you want to add more romantic appearance to your bedroom. These headboards are available with a large range of colors and designs to select from. Apart from adding texture to your bedroom, upholstered headboards can give a softer and supportive feel.

So, those are the different types of headboards you can choose from.
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