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Sofa Upholstery in Singapore


Looking to give your sofa a makeover, but your couch is still in pretty good condition? Breathe new life to your existing sofa by having it reupholstered. When you reupholster a sofa, you give your old furniture a whole new look by changing its fabric, material and cushion. That allows you to preserve its life and can help you save cost too!


Is it worth reupholstering your sofa?

The cost of sofa upholstery is typically cheaper than buying a brand new one, but if you are looking to try a new sofa shape or would like a bigger sofa to increase sitting capacity, it might be better to purchase something new.

You can also determine if your sofa’s worth reupholstering by checking the condition of its parts – besides the fabric. While ripped and faded fabric can be replaced by reupholstering, damaged frame can be harder to repair. If your sofa frame is extensively broken or damaged, get a new sofa instead. But if it’s still sturdy or is fixable, reupholstering your sofa can help it to last longer.

With reupholstering, you will not need to find a way to dispose of your old sofa. This would be especially useful for those whose sofas have sentimental value. The way your sofa fits the space in your living room also remains the same – so if you love how it is right now, reupholstering would be the better option. And if you’re just looking to upgrade your sofa with more supportive and firm cushions, you can simply do upholstery to replace them with a new cushion foam.

Still feeling unsure? Weigh your options by speaking to a local upholster. With their experience and expertise, they can assess if your existing sofa is better off repaired and refurbished, or if it would be more worth it to just buy a completely new one. Get a quote from them and check if it would be cheaper or more expensive than buying a new one. That would be best in helping you decide on whether you should reupholster or not!


Cost of sofa upholstery

The cost of reupholstering a sofa depends on factors such as its size (number of seats), the fabric used, and the additional repair works required (e.g. frame repair, change of seat sponges, springs, etc.). Hence, its cost can range from $350 to more than $2000. Upholstering a standard sofa would generally cost around $1000.

Some types of fabric, such as leather or branded fabric, would be more expensive than others, and requiring more fabric for your sofa would increase the labour cost too. The labour also depends on the complexity of the upholstery job – intensive works by a more experienced craftsman would naturally be more pricey as well.


Fabric for sofa upholstery

The fabric used for upholstery showcases the style of your sofa and provides comfort for you and your family. As you’ll be using your sofa frequently, the fabric should also be durable and stain-resistant – this can help you save on maintenance costs in future too.

Some of the most commonly used fabrics in Singapore are:

  • Cotton
    Cotton upholstered sofas are popular as they often come with removable, machine-washable covers, which makes it convenient for you to clean them should there be any stains or spills. The material is also lightweight and breathable, making it comfortable for Singapore’s tropical weather.


    However, pure cotton can be stained and wrinkled easily. For better stain resistance, choose cotton blended with polyester, or densely woven cotton fabrics such as denim and canvas. You can also apply a fabric or stain protector to your cotton sofa and avoid placing it in a high-traffic room.


  • Linen
    A sustainable choice of fabric, linen is also very suitable for Singapore’s hot and humid weather as it’s breezy and cooling. The material is stronger as compared to cotton, but wrinkles more easily and can also be easily stained.


    Another thing to note with Linen is that its fibre can be weakened when exposed to direct sunlight, so place them away from your windows. Putting too much pressure on linen can also affect its support, which makes it more suitable for homes without kids. To ensure that the linen fabric lasts longer, vacuum it regularly to prevent dust from damaging it.


  • Leather
    With good maintenance, leather sofas hold up well for a long time. The fabric is extremely strong and sturdy and can be easily cleaned with light dusting or a wet cloth. Though more expensive than other materials, it could be a worthy investment considering its durability.
    Leather can be prone to scratches and cracks, so you may want to consider getting products such as leather polish to prevent it from cracking. You might also want to place the sofa in an air-conditioned place as it might feel sticky when the weather is hot.


    If you’re keen on a leather finish for upholstery but it’s out of your budget, you can consider faux leather for a more affordable alternative.


Sofa Upholstery

Choosing between sofa upholstery and buying a new one depends on the condition of your current sofa and the type of furnishing you prefer for your home. If you have decided to reupholster your sofa, it is recommended to get a durable and easily cleaned fabric, especially if your household has pets, children, or frequent guests. Be sure to get a professional to evaluate the quality of your sofa and upholster it to one that best suits your needs and the style of your home.

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