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Having the best fabric for your furniture ensures that the fabric can be long-lasting and easy to clean, which can help you save costs in the long run. That is why it’s important to choose suitable fabric when you do upholstery – a process where you stuff your furniture with foam or padding and cover their frames with new upholstery fabric.

But with so many different types of fabrics, choosing the right one for your furniture might seem challenging. To decide on which upholstery fabric you should use, consider factors such as the type of furniture, the durability required, whether the fabric needs to be pet-friendly and where the furniture will be placed.


What fabric should I use to reupholster a chair or sofa?

Chairs and sofa are the types of furniture commonly reupholstered. As we sit on this furniture almost on a daily basis, the fabric should be strong and durable to withstand weight and wear and tear. It should be thick, opaque and tightly woven. Examples of such fabrics include cotton, linen, leather, vinyl, microfiber and olefin.


What is the most durable upholstery fabric?

A durable fabric makes a good investment, especially for frequently used furniture placed in the living and dining room. To check if your fabric is durable, check the number of its double rubs. Double rubs measure how much the fabric can resist abrasion, and one back and forth motion counts as one double rub. For most upholstery projects, it is recommended that the fabric has at least 15,000 double rubs.

A stronger fabric is also more tightly woven with a higher thread count. To test its strength, stretch the material to see how tightly woven it is. You can also sit on the chair and see if the furniture will go back to its original form afterwards. If it does, it means that the fabric used is durable.

Some of the most durable fabrics are:

  1. Cotton
    A popular choice of upholstery fabric, cotton is not only affordable, but also able to withstand wear and tear. Furthermore, with removable, machine-washable covers, it’s convenient for you to clean them should there be any stains or spills. For even more durable cotton fabrics, opt for materials with heavier weaves such as denim and sailcloth.


  1. Leather
    Though more costly than other fabrics, leather sofas can be worth the investment as they are extremely durable and lasting, especially when they are well-maintained. A strong and sturdy leather is also resistant to water and exudes a classy charm.


  1. Polypropylene or olefin
    Another widely used and extremely durable fabric is polypropylene – otherwise known as olefin, a type of synthetic fiber. With a wool-like appearance, olefin is easy to clean and is very long-lasting.


  1. Microfiber
    Also a synthetic fabric, microfiber is created specifically for heavy-duty use. It is thin, water repellent and tightly woven, which makes it pet-friendly as well.


What are pet-friendly upholstery fabrics?

Having pets around may make it difficult for your furniture to stay clean and stain-free, but that does not mean you have to put up with a dusty, stained, and torn sofa. Thankfully, some upholstery fabrics are good at handling dirt and scratches without much fuss:

  1. Microfiber
    Microfiber may be thin, but it is sturdy and durable. You won’t need to fret if your pet dirties or claws at it, as it is difficult for pets to scratch through the surface and can withstand a few scratches. It also prevents odors and is easily cleaned with soap and water.


  1. Leather or faux leather
    Leather is strong and wipeable, so you’re less likely to find pet hair sticking to the surface of your chair or sofa with it. To clean up fur and dander, you can simply vacuum the surface or wipe it with a damp cloth.


  1. Velvet
    Velvet is suitable for a pet-friendly home due to its low pile and tight weave, which means it’s hard for your pets to scratch and pull the fabric. Its short fibers also help prevent odors and liquids from seeping through.


  1. Synthetic fabric (polyester, nylon, or acrylic)
    Synthetic materials, such as polyester, nylon or acrylic, are good choices too. They are easy to clean with a fabric cleaner you can just get over the counter, and you can remove pet hair without fuss using a dry microfiber cloth or lint roller.

When choosing fabric for a pet-friendly home, you might also want fabrics that are dark-colored, patterned, or textured. That way, dirt, grime and stains will be much less obvious.

And besides looking at the material and pattern of fabrics, you can also consider investing in a high-quality fabric cleaner to clean up stubborn stains from your furry friends.


What upholstery fabric should I use for outdoor furniture?

If you’re placing your furniture outdoors, such as in the balcony or garden, they may be exposed to elements such as rain, moisture and UV rays. To prevent mold, rust, and damage to your furniture, it is important to choose fabric that is suitable for the outdoors.

Fabrics for furniture that will be placed outdoors should be durable to withstand weather conditions and harsh elements. The best types of such fabric are:

  1. Polypropylene/Olefin
    The best fabric for outdoor living is polypropylene or olefin. Not only does it dry quickly when it gets wet, it also has superior UV resistance compared to other fibers.
    Polypropylene is also stained resistant. Should there be any stains on the fabric, they can also be very easily cleaned using household cleaners such as bleach and water solution.


  1. Acrylic Fabric
    Made from acrylic fibers, acrylic fabrics are also suitable for outdoors as it is resistant to mildew, able to manage moisture and is cooling and lightweight as well. Their colors are also able to be maintained even when exposed to direct sunlight – in fact, it can bear up to 1,000 hours of UV ray exposure!
    However, acrylic fabrics may become easily stained without a stain treatment, or when the stain treatment wears off.


  1. Textilene Fabric
    Typically used for parasols, textilene fabric can be used outdoors as it is waterproof and resistant to mold. They are made of woven polyester covered in PVC, which makes it feel like plastic to the touch. For those who prioritize comfort, be sure to test out the material before purchasing to see if it’s something that suits you.


Choosing the Right Upholstery Fabric

Reupholstery is a good choice when you’re looking to upgrade your furniture that is still in good condition. Just remember to make sure the fabric you’ve chosen is one that suits your furniture and needs! If you’re in doubt, simply check in with your upholstery service provider, who can provide you professional advice and services.

There are numerous perspectives to be considered before deciding on upholstery fabrics. We partner leading upholstery companies to provide you professional advice and best quotes for upholstery fabric service.

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