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Upholstery service in Singapore


How is your furniture looking after all these years?

When you look around your home or office, do you notice that there are some problems with the quality of the upholstery of your couch, sofa, or chair? Perhaps there are some small or larger holes in your sofa or the look of your leather chair is starting to fade and look less presentable. This may not seem like a problem at the moment, but when the fabric of your furniture is starting fade or tear, you should start looking into a solution to your upholstery problems.

Should I buy new furniture or is there another solution?
Why spend all of that money on brand new replacement furniture when you can contact our upholster service and then simply replace the material covering your sofa or chair instead of replacing it. By replacing the upholstery on your furniture, you create a fresh look. You don’t even have to replace the material with the same stuff you had on it before. When you change the look of your furniture, you change the feel of the space where you have it, but without the massive costs of purchasing new furniture. If you have an assortment of furniture that is mismatched, you can have all of it redone with the same materials.

Contact us about all of your upholstery needs.
If you are looking at your familiar couch, chair or sofa and thinking about trying something new, then why not put the idea of buying new furniture on hold until you have talked with us about the options and fabrics that we have in place to help you create a whole new look for your old furniture. After all, if your furniture is still in good condition structurally, then why replace all of it? Save the framework and replace the covering. With a great upholstery work done on your furniture, you will find that you can have a new look without paying the price of new furniture. Contact us today to learn more about all of the options that we can offer you and your furniture.

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