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Upholstery Service: Why Hire Professionals

Better still, why do you need to reupholster?

Hiring the right services for your upholstery/reupholstery work is crucial to the life of your furniture and home décor.

This is because upholstery is not just a profession. It is a craft and a delicate one at that. And to bring out the best result in a craft requires the right person or service provider. It requires having the right equipment and the ability to get the job done.

Here are some reasons to hire professionals for your services:

Your furniture can last longer

Most manufacturers don’t do a good enough job when upholstering the frame. Yet, the life of your furniture depends on the upholstery. You might also think that how long your piece of furniture lasts depends entirely on the quality and type of wood used by the manufacturer. Partly true, but not entirely true. Here is why.

One of the first parts of your furniture, chair or sofa that get exposed to wear and tear, and extensive damage is the fabric used: the part of the finished work, done by an upholsterer.

The fabric, alongside the padding and other materials, while presenting an aesthetic look, also protects the wood used to make the furniture.

A good fabric (and padding) will prevent stains, dirt, and even insects from accessing the wood in the furniture, keeping the integrity intact. A bad fabric, especially one with poorly interwoven threads will make it easy for damage to happen to the wood.

And you can save on cash

Reupholstering can save you a lot of bills in the long run. Say a piece of furniture, like your cushion, is meant to last for 2 years. By reupholstering to find out weaknesses and fix them, your cushion can last for an additional 3 years, saving you from the need to buy another. If a piece of furniture is made with high-quality and durable materials, reupholstery can, in fact, turn it into a family heirloom.

You can add your design

When you reupholster, you have an opportunity to influence the way the furniture is made. For instance, you can determine the color of the fabric you want (which has been known to affect mood and influence decisions). Or change and repair the legs of your sofa, if you feel it damages the rugs.

You can determine how comfortable, tall or wide you want the furniture to be. In effect, you can do this without looking to buy another piece.

Cleaning is crucial

One more reason to hire professionals. Many reupholstering services also provide cleaning services because they know how important cleaning affects the lifespan of your furniture.

For instance, sofa and chairs made with leather should not be cleaned with detergent or soap; which can easily affect the quality. You should also avoid using a thick brush as it might tear the material. Instead, soft materials should be used.

Every piece of furniture has its unique method of cleaning and should be maintained in that manner.

Chances are that you don’t know these things, or that you are always in a hurry. (Cleaning furniture requires patience and repetition too). But a professional upholsterer knows.

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